How business is responding to COVID-19

    Since the COVID-19 crisis first began, WBCSD member companies and partners have responded quickly by taking extra-ordinary actions to support people, communities and economies around the world. On this page you will find examples from over 150 WBCSD members who have mobilized funds, people, products, factories and other resources to support the response to COVID-19.

    As we move into the recovery phase, we also highlight how WBCSD is responding to the crisis through three new projects - vital supply chains, return-to-“normal” scenarios and long-term impacts – but also through our new global webinar series.

    In addition, you can click through to read the latest on policy updates that call for a green recovery, key articles that outline how we can #buildbackbetter, and explore what it really means for business to walk the talk on stakeholder capitalism.

    Where possible, we provide a link to original announcements. In some cases, a link to a news item is provided instead.

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