How business is responding to COVID-19

On this page you will find links to announcements from WBCSD members companies and others who are taking extra-ordinary business actions in relation to COVID-19.

These actions go above and beyond the many work-from-home policies and similar steps that have been implemented by companies all over the world.

They highlight examples of enterprises putting aside the usual rules of business in these exceptional circumstances and instead taking exceptional steps to address the impact from the coronavirus.

We support all efforts from WBCSD members – and those outside our network – to support everyone affected by COVID-19. We also recognize the many companies who are taking similar actions both locally and globally, without making them public.

Where possible, we provide a link to the original company announcement. In some cases, a link to a news item is provided instead.

If you would like to contribute to this page, please email details and a link to

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