The role of tech innovation in scaling up private financing of natural climate solutions: closing the trust gap

Start date

26 June, 2024

End date

26 June, 2024


AXA Investment Managers Offices, 2 George Yard, London, EC3V 9DH


Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm BST

Co-hosts: Chloris, AXA Investment Managers UK, Natural Climate Solutions Alliance

Forest conservation and restoration efforts have become a key component of corporate climate action. Recent criticisms of the impact achieved by such forest programs point to the importance of fit-for-purpose technologies to monitor forest carbon emissions and removals at scale. Direct forest carbon measurement is a new AI technology that can foster greater integrity, trustworthiness, and scalability of forest carbon investments globally. Join this session to hear from market leaders and early adopters of the technology and learn about its opportunities and barriers to overcome to support effective climate action. 

To register: Invitation-only

For more information contact Elisa Casavecchia: elisa@chloris.earth