Fostering and leveraging carbon portfolios: best practices and new insights

Start date

26 June, 2024

End date

26 June, 2024


South Pole Offices, 43 Worship St, London EC2A 2DU


Time: 11 am – 01:30 pm BST 

Co-hosts: South Pole, Natural Climate Solutions Alliance

With global carbon markets in movement, speakers at this LCAW session will delve into the background of carbon portfolio management and explore current developments in market initiatives. In hearing from carbon market industry representatives, technical experts, as well as practitioners, this session hopes to facilitate dialogue around current questions and demonstrate best practices of carbon portfolio management.

During the session we will discuss What is the impact of recent industry moves towards greater transparency and what are the current developments in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) overall? What are the opportunities for best practices in carbon portfolio management and how are they already implemented? How can companies navigate a changing regulatory landscape and where are opportunities for corporate action?

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Daniel Klier, CEO, South Pole
  • Chris Leeds, Elected Market Representative, IC-VCM 
  • Sebastien Cross,  Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, BeZero
  • Marco Magini, Head of Certificates, South Pole

Aimed at a broad audience, this session seeks to foster a discussion on constructing and maintaining carbon portfolio transparency and the role of best business practices. Attendees will learn comprehensive insights on recent Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) developments and opportunities. 

To register: Invitation-only

For more information contact Helen Ziegler: h.ziegler@southpole.com