WBCSD’s COVID-19 Response Program: Vital Supply Chains issue brief

Published: 7 Jan 2021
Type: Publication

The objective of the Vital Supply Chains issue brief is to guide companies through the disruptions and systemic risks arising from COVID-19. This is of particular importance, as there is growing awareness and recognition that future shocks to food supply chains will continue, whether caused by a pandemic or another systemic issue, such as rapid climate change. It also provides an overview of the main attributes of resilient systems, their importance, and a resilience framework to apply to food system recovery.

This issue brief provides business with areas of improvement, supporting the enabling environment for food systems transformation and creating connections to innovative initiatives and partnership opportunities.

By highlighting the opportunity to address these challenges through collective action, we encourage businesses to accelerate building forward of a more resilient and sustainable food system. These topics complement ongoing WBCSD work on Vision 2050 and the Food and Nature Program.

View the issue brief

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