Return to New Normal - Employee Health and Business Recovery

      The speed and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world and the ensuing peaks and troughs in cases have resulted in many businesses being deeply disrupted and have had unprecedented implications on employees, supply chains, cash flow and investor returns. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of effective and proportionate continuity planning for business resilience. The WBCSD’s Return to New Normal – Employee Health and Business Recovery project supports our members to understand and act to improve their vulnerability to the current pandemic and future global shocks and a general guidance to potential other kinds of future events  (impact of natural disasters, lockdowns in case of political unrest, etc.)

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      The challenge

      The COVID-19 pandemic has brought significant new challenges to business in maintaining the physical and mental health of employees and ensuring effective and proportionate continuity and business and resilience planning. The evolving nature of the pandemic means that employers and employees will continue to experience uncertain times and collective action to future proof business will remain an imperative.

      The business case

      The need for an online repository to share emerging practices was identified as a common deliverable from the discussions we had with our members. As a result, we have developed a COVID-19 Shared Knowledge Repository where we centrally collect business practices on the employee health and business recovery, among other topics. We envision this resource as an enabler for member companies to share their experience and learn from others’ examples.

      The solution

      With this central repository we aim to support companies as they seek to maintain the health and wellbeing of employees and their families in learning to live in a new reality. At the same time, through additional relevant guidance and supplemental resources on how business will return to the ‘new’ normal, we believe we can enhance the value in this area to our members and beyond.

      News and insights

      Emerging practices on employee health and business recovery

      In this section you can find examples of business practices on employee health and business recovery that we have collected through our network of members and partners. Choose the category that interests you in the filtering area and access the relevant information with helpful links and references.



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