Working Paper: Who's writing what for investors about sustainability and your company

Published: 22 Oct 2021
Type: Publication

Sustainable investment is growing rapidly, 'mainstream' investors are getting more interested in sustainability exposures and management practices of companies, and ESG ratings agencies are publishing ratings that assess sustainability performance.

However, there is limited awareness among companies on the underlying drivers of sustainable investment growth, as well as the breadth and diversity of sustainable investment research being written about them. 

This working paper outlines and explains:

  • What: The different types of sustainable investment research - DATA, RATINGS and ANALYSIS
  • For whom: The different types of investors that use these different types of research
  • Why: The different uses to which it is put
  • By whom: The different types of research provider that provide such types of research

It also provides tips for companies that are looking to expand the breadth and quality of their engagement with investors on sustainability issues.

Download the working paper here.

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