Redesigning capital market engagement

With the growing global challenges, investors and financiers want to understand companies´ risk exposures and value create opportunities around relevant sustainability aspects. This work drives the integration of sustainability into disclosure and valuation systems, processes and practices and improve communication, information exchange and recognition of value between corporates and investors. This multi-year project will catalyze the changes needed across capital markets to ensure that companies who pursue stakeholder capitalism are recognized and rewarded.

    The challenge

    It is clear that sustainability is becoming more important with the growing global challenges: climate emergency, loss of nature and mounting inequality, amplified by the COVID-19 crisis. However, the signals and communications on sustainability risks and opportunities are not always effectively sent, or received, by companies and investors.

    The business case

    Capital markets need decision-useful and reliable information around companies´ strategic sustainability risks and opportunities to understand their short, medium, and long-term value creation opportunities. Building effective communications with investors around these allows companies to ensure that they are properly recognized and rewarded.

    The solution

    We work with companies and investor to build common ground and effective communications around relevant ESG information through focused dialogues, co-creating the tools and resources needed to move beyond disclosure as usual. This project helps to improve communications, information exchange and recognition of value between corporates and investors.

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