Expanding the reporting exchange to include comprehensive data on ratings and rankings

Today, in partnership with Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings (GISR), we’re revealing a new library of rankings and ratings on the Reporting Exchange. 

Published: 2 Jul 2018
Type: News

3 July 2018: The library was developed by the GISR and is now hosted on the Reporting Exchange, enhancing the platform’s global standing as the most comprehensive source for sustainability reporting requirements and resources. To date, it covers over 60 countries and 70 sectors.  

The new ranking and ratings library helps bring clarity to the crowded ranking and ratings space through descriptive profiles that allow users to find relevant information quickly and easily.  

Allen L. White, Founder, Global Initiative for Sustainability Ratings, says, “Since its launch in 2013, the Ratings Hub has provided thousands of users worldwide with critical information pertaining to corporate sustainability ratings, ranking and indexes. Investors, companies, civil society, governments and academics use the Hub to enhance investment, strategy and policy decision-making.  Incorporation of the Hub into WBCSD’s Reporting Exchange will ensure continuation of the dynamism and innovation that has characterized the Hub since its inception.” 

Rodney Irwin, Managing Director of the Redefining Value Program at WBCSD added, "We are delighted to bring the GISR hub under the wing of the Reporting Exchange as it provides valuable information to businesses on the multitude of ratings and ranking providers currently out there and fully aligns with WBCSD's ambition to ensure that companies are disclosing decision useful information through their annual, integrated or sustainability reports." 

In addition to the ranking and ratings library, the Reporting Exchange will expand to include a library of sustainability indicators by the end of this year to help users find relevant and useful environmental, social and governance indicators to use in their reporting and decision-making processes. 

Building the Reporting Exchange to include these libraries helps users to navigate the world of corporate reporting in one comprehensive database. In the long-run, this work will support integration of sustainability information into business and investor decision-making, helping to make sustainable businesses more successful. Check out the new library today

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