A human-centered agenda for the future of work

Published: 22 Jan 2019
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Geneva, 22 January 2019: Today, the Global Commission on the Future of Work presented its landmark report “Work for a brighter future”, marking the launch of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) centenary celebrations.

While the report’s recommendations are primarily directed at the tripartite membership of the ILO and national policymakers, it also raises the discussion on how business can contribute to shaping and realizing a human-centered agenda for the future of work.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) advocates that business is part of the solution in contributing to a future with inclusive workforces that are secure, motivated, skilled and prepared for any challenge that comes next. A future where people’s lives are enriched by advancing technology and where society is empowered as well as prosper from equal access to new opportunities.

In response to the report’s launch, Filippo Veglio, Managing Director of the People Program at WBCSD said: “We welcome the key proposition of the report: its vision of a human-centered agenda for the future of work that places people and the work they do at the center of economic and social policy and business practice. We share the Commission‘s sense of urgency in addressing persisting issues, including youth unemployment, skills gaps, income and gender inequality, and informality – and in tackling new challenges, such as the digital divide, managing the impact of advanced technologies and the rise of the gig-economy. Lastly, we fully support the Commission’s emphasis on the opportunities provided by the ongoing transformations to create a future marked by economic growth, equity and sustainability.”

In this spirit, WBCSD‘s new Future of Work project brings together forward-thinking businesses that look to play an active role in defining a positive and inspiring vision on the future of work and in contributing to realize this vision. WBCSD will identify and advance business solutions centered around responsible foundations of fair and meaningful work and transformative tools, strategies and business models. These will be supported by business leadership in advocating collective action to ultimately enable an equitable, diverse, inclusive and empowering future of work.

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Kitrhona Cerri
Director, Social Impact, WBCSD

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