The Inclusive Business Challenge

Published: 2 Nov 2011
Type: Publication

"The Inclusive Business Challenge" is an easy-to-use presentation and simulation tool to help companies and stakeholders identify and implement models that profitably engage low-income populations across companies' value chains and develop affordable products and services that meet the needs of low-income populations.

The tool aims to help companies raise awareness of the role of business in development and to introduce the challenges, drivers and principles of inclusive business. It presents good practice examples, and suggests ways to integrate inclusive business into company strategy. A key feature of the tool is in the simulation activity which is designed to be used in an interactive workshop setting to identify risks and opportunities in building inclusive business.

"The Inclusive Business Challenge" was developed by the 2009 WBCSD Future Leaders Team (FLT), a dynamic and diverse team of future leaders who came together in 2009 to explore the business contribution to development and poverty alleviation.

According to Pramod Arikal of Allianz SE, who was part of the 2009 FLT, "the Inclusive Business Challenge is ideally designed for a company exploring the risks and opportunities around inclusive business and we plan to use it to help raise awareness of the issue in our business units and plans for future action."

The tool comes in the form of a PowerPoint pack (see instructions below) and is therefore adaptable and customizable for awareness raising and capacity building activities of companies and organizations active in this field. It includes a facilitation guide with information on how to use the tool and links to additional resources. All documents are available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

User Guide

  1. Download the ZIP file of the language version you would like to access by saving the ZIP file onto your computer;
  2. Create and name a new folder on your computer;
  3. Select all documents contained in the ZIP file and extract them all at the same time into your newly created folder;
  4. Under the subfolder “IB Challenge_ENG”, you will now see 2 ZIP files (named “English” and “Reports”) and 1 pdf file (named START_ENG);
  5. Extract the documents contained in the 2 abovementioned ZIP files. Proceed as follows: click on the ZIP File titled “English”, select all documents contained therein, and extract them to the subfolder “IBChallenge_ENG”. Click on the ZIP File titled “Reports”, select all documents contained therein, and extract them to the subfolder “IBChallenge_ENG;”
  6. Open the PDF file titled “START_ENG”. This will lead you to an orange-colored interface (see image below) that will you to navigate through the different parts of the tool by clicking on the different sections. We recommend that you click first on the box titled “Facilitation guide”, which contains background and instructions on the use of this tool.

Please beware: Due to the links with the news flashes and sound files embedded in the presentation, it is important that users:

  • Keep all files in the same folder;
  • Do not rename any of the files or folders;
  • Do not change the slide order or remove any slides in the Simulation and News flash files.

Questions? Problems?
Please contact Filippo Veglio at or Tel. +41 22 839 31 08

English version

Spanish version

French version

Portuguese version

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