Sustain #33

Published: 29 Nov 2010
Type: Publication

Between now and 2050 the global population is expected to increase from 6.9 billion to more than 9 billion, with 90% of this growth happening in the developing and emerging world such as China. The global urban population will double, while local demographic patterns will become increasingly diverse.

For Chinese business, the good news is that this growth will deliver billions of new consumers who want homes, cars and television sets. The bad news is that shrinking resources and a changing climate will limit the ability of all 9 billion to attain or maintain consumptive lifestyles.

The WBCSD’s Vision 2050 project tackled this dilemma with 29 global companies representing 14 industries. Together, they developed a vision, based on dialogues in 20 countries with several hundred companies and experts, of a world moving toward sustainability by 2050.

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