Feira de Santana report

Published: 7 Nov 2019
Type: Publication

Feira de Santana is a fast-growing city in Brazil’s northern region of Bahia, with a population of approximately 600,000. Its proximity to Salvador makes it a crucial transport node for goods and people all over Brazil, but as a consequence of its fast growth, the city mobility system is facing increasing challenges.

Public transport networks are few and far between, and citizens rely heavily on single use vehicles or informal transport to get around the city. Congestion considerably slows traffic at peak times, which in turn aggravates air pollution. Poor road safety and infrastructure, and a deep sense of insecurity, prevent citizens from walking or cycling as well as from using the existing public transport network more extensively.

In the face of these challenges, the Prefecture of Feira de Santana has been working on developing a more robust public transport network which includes implementing a Bus Rapid Transit system.

As a significant employer in Feira de Santana, WBCSD member Pirelli has a keen interest in supporting the city to deliver safer, cleaner, more efficient and accessible mobility to its citizens. To this end, WBCSD and Pirelli have worked together with the Prefecture of Feira to develop an innovative and inclusive Sustainable Urban Mobility plan using WBCSD’s SiMPlify methodology.

The SiMPlify methodology engages all relevant stakeholders and involves citizens in the development of inclusive sustainable urban mobility planning. By deploying SiMPlify’s system of indicators, combined with an extensive outreach campaign and regular consultations, the Prefecture of Feira de Santana was able to develop a detailed analysis of the current mobility system and tap into SiMPlify’s 300 mobility solutions to develop a plan that would meet its needs.

This process provided several ideas for initiatives that would complement the existing plans:

  • developing infrastructure to promote cycling and walking;
  • improving public areas;
  • implementing additional public transport infrastructure and proximity services at major passenger hubs;
  • delivering safer streets by introducing speed reduction zones and traffic restricted areas; and
  • ensuring better security by installing LED lights in the central area of the city and at bus stops.

A publicly accessible mobility portal keeps citizens updated and allows them to interact with the municipality and report traffic-related issues in real time.

Leveraging the findings from the SiMPlify analysis and involving all stakeholders, the city of Feira de Santana is now deploying BRL 100 million (USD $26 million) to implement its Sustainable Mobility Plan.

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