Sustainable Cities

Well-designed cities and mobility systems are crucial to achieving WBCSD’s vision of a world in which more than nine billion people live well within the limits of the planet. WBCSD’s mission is to accelerate the urban system transformation to achieve resilient, healthy and clean cities for all to deliver SDG 11 and the Paris Agreement. WBCSD offers a neutral space for interactions between cities, businesses and citizens to engage with each other, build a common vision, and develop innovative solutions. The role of the private sector is critical to achieving the transition in cities.

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Impact on SDGs

Fast-growing cities are facing huge challenges, with massive amounts of people moving to cities. This leads to a need for more housing and basic services, as well as higher congestion and growing waste. To continue to thrive, create jobs and prosper while improving the use of resources and reducing pollution, many solutions are needed.

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