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Published: 1 Dec 2015
Type: Publication

The Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB 2.0) project has piloted 10 local private sector-led multi-stakeholder engagements (“EEB Laboratories”) to develop  action plans that address the key barriers for energy efficiency in buildings:

1. lack of awareness and leadership particularly related to challenges in making the business case;
2. workforce capacity and the need for proper skills and collaboration along the value chain to implement the right solutions;
3. lack of adequate financing models; and
4. lack of consistent and long-term policy frameworks (national and sub-national), including regulations and incentive schemes.
Click on the global map below to know more about each stakeholder engagement.

Scaling up local action plans across the globe!
The EEB2.0 project will be working in 2016 with global and local partners to multiply market engagements around the world. Interested partners can look at two supporting documents:
Why get involved in a market engagement?” discusses the motivation for different stakeholder groups in the building market to initiate a market engagement.
How to carry out market engagements?” covers the methodology developed by the WBCSD EEB2.0 project in 10 pilot local engagements.

View Motivation

View Methodology

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