WBCSD and member companies to work with the City of Amsterdam to provide a sustainable zero energy system for the Zuidoost district

Published: 8 Jun 2016
Type: News

Amsterdam, June 9 2016 - The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the municipality of Amsterdam, Netherlands, to establish a unique collaboration between the city, several WBCSD member companies and local stakeholders entirely focused on sustainable energy. WBCSD and its partners will provide the municipality of Amsterdam with new and efficient ways to implement a zero emission plan for Amsterdam’s Zuidoostarea.
Accenture, Arcadis, DNV GL, ENGIE, Schneider Electric, UPS and the municipality of Amsterdam have joined forces under the WBCSD’s leadership and to develop concrete implementation strategies for a selection of zero emissions energy projects.

This collaborative approach for sustainability initiatives is coordinated and financed through a central umbrella organization called ZO Energy. Amsterdam ArenA’s Utility Hub initiative with TNO and ING is the first concrete result of this multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Peter Bakker, President and CEO of the WBCSD, stated, “This initiative shows that to reach strong ambitious goals it is paramount to involve stakeholders with leading business expertise - local, national or international - around the common issue of zero emissions in a city.  ZO Energy is a successful model that can be replicated and adapted to other cities around the world with more partners.”

Abdeluheb Choho, the City of Amsterdam’s Alderperson for Sustainability, declared“This project engages the key stakeholders around a common vision of a zero emissions city. The city of Amsterdam is proud to support this collaboration and to see the proposed concepts move into implementation. Our role will be pivotal in providing a platform for emerging pioneers by eliminating obstructive regulations and setting clear standards to accompany the transition to zero emissions. We owe it to our amazing city and citizens to create a circular Amsterdam economy.”

Zero Emissions Cities (ZEC) is a WBCSD program which strives to develop an approach, together with local stakeholders, to get cities to a zero emissions pathway. Amsterdam Zuidoost is one of the WBCSD ZEC pilot projects working with a number of active stakeholders and the municipality of Amsterdam.

The other ZEC projects are taking place in Birmingham (UK), Navi Mumbai (India), and San Diego (USA) this year. More projects will be scoped next year.

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