Launch of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction

Buildings have a major role to play in addressing climate change. The building sector represents one third of final energy use worldwide and over 20% of global man-made Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. 

Published: 3 Dec 2015
Type: News

Reducing energy consumption in buildings through increased energy efficiency will provide a significant contribution to ensuring the rise in global temperatures is limited to under 2°C.

This is what the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC) wants to achieve by bringing together partners from across the world to join forces to reach this vision. While climate change is a global phenomenon, action in the building sector has to be taken nationally and locally. Many countries are pledging to take action to reduce climate impacts of the buildings sector through their intended nationally defined contributions.

WBCSD is one of the partners in the GABC. Today, 11 leading companies, members of WBCSD, launch an action plan to cut projected energy use in buildings in half by 2030 through energy efficiency approaches that offer favorable economic returns. Called Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, or short LCTPi-EEB, this major announcement comes at the Lima Paris Action Agenda thematic session on Buildings, or Buildings Day. The fragmentation of the complex building value chain is a significant barrier to the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings solutions at scale. The 11 companies joining LCTPi-EEB (AkzoNobel, Arcadis, ENGIE, Infosys, LafargeHolcim, Rexel, Schneider Electric, SGS, Siemens, Skanska, United Technologies) will work with WBCSD and other partners to bring together building value chain stakeholders in local markets to develop a common understanding of these market barriers and initiate actions that tackle them.

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