Vision 2050 Refresh

WBCSD is embarking on a refresh of its landmark Vision 2050

Released in 2010, Vision 2050 was a landmark piece of work conducted by WBCSD which identified a pathway to a world in which nine billion people can live well, within the limits of the Planet by mid-century. Created with 29 WBCSD members from 14 industries, and including insights from more than 200 companies and external stakeholders in some 20 countries, it declared that business-as-usual was not sustainable. Vision 2050 explored what a sustainable world would look like in mid-century, how such a world could be realized, and the role that business has to play in making that vision a reality. 

WBCSD has been exploring how best to refresh this cornerstone piece of work to bring it up to date for the critical decade to come. In March 2019 the Executive Committee (ExCo) approved WBCSD’s proposed plan for the Vision 2050 Refresh – the project was launched, with their support, at the Liaison Delegate Meeting in Montreux and will be delivered at the 2020 Council Meeting.

We will work with a group of our members to bring the vision up to date, unlock systems transformation and its linked opportunities, and make sense of an increasingly complex sustainability space. Above all, we want to help business build renewed inspiration and energy around the fundamental and essential transformations that today’s challenges demand. 

This section of the members portal provides you with background and materials supporting the Vision 2050 Refresh. These include a brochure, an overview presentation describing the original project, its impact and the progress that has been made, an FAQs document and secondment requests.

We are delighted to be working on this important and exciting piece of work! 

For more information, please explore the materials below, or feel free to contact us.

James Gomme and Julian Hill-Landolt

Secondment opportunities

The success of the original Vision 2050 work was in part thanks to the incredibly strong secondment support that WBCSD received from members. We will again work with our members to bring their skills and expertise into the heart of the project. 

WBCSD is seeking secondees from participating member companies to fill two key roles that are integral to the success of the project:

Furthermore, we hope to draw on expertise that already exists within member companies in areas such
as scenario planning and responsible implementation of technology.

Please contact James Gomme or Julian Hill-Landolt for further information regarding these opportunities.

High-level review of the original Vision 2050 pathway elements

We have conducted a review of the original Vision 2050 work and accompanying materials. This has been complemented by a review of key trends, research and developments across the global landscape.

The main focus of our review has been on the original Pathway and its nine elements. WBCSD program area leads have reviewed Vision 2050 pathways, conducting a review of progress made. In addition, we contracted external consultancy SustainAbility to conduct a review of Vision 2050's pathway, providing a gap analysis between stated objectives and achieved progress, and highlighting interactions with the SDG agenda.

Explore the high-level reviews of the Vision 2050 Pathway.

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