Leading companies share experiences and recommendations on impact valuation

Published: 16 May 2017
Type: News

Over a dozen companies – most of which are WBCSD members – have come together as an informal group called the “Impact Valuation Roundtable” (IVR). Their goal is to build on and operationalize existing frameworks like the Natural and Social Capital Protocols.

By sharing best practice and learnings, the group aims to facilitate uptake and implementation of available natural and social capital concepts; identify benefits and limitations of techniques and achieve increased alignment on valuation techniques and data sources used.

This valuable user-driven push for consistency and comparability is essential to accelerate progress towards integrated performance management – a key pillar of WBCSD’s strategy and work on non-financial measurement and valuation.

The IVR companies state their ultimate goal for impact valuation as:

“By taking a macro-societal perspective on the business contribution to society, we believe that impact valuation can support large and small companies alike to ensure long-term, successful and sustainable value creation for all stakeholders by more comprehensive reporting, integrated thinking, better risk assessment and strategic decision making.”

The Impact Valuation Roundtable White Paper was shared publicly at WBCSD’s member event in March 2017. In the paper, the group highlights ongoing challenges and commits to tackle them collaboratively, stating: 

“We will continue our engagement with stakeholders - in a supportive and critical way - in the development of simplification, convergence, operationalization and alignment on impact valuation methods and valuation coefficients.”


WBCSD Contacts:

Eva Zabey, Director, Natural Capital and Ecosystems: zabey@wbcsd.org

Kitrhona Cerri, Director, Social Impact: cerri@wbcsd.org

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