Taking care of our people at Natura &Co Latin America

At Natura&Co Latin America, to take care of our employees under quarantine, we have maintained job stability for all of our workforce for at least 60 days, until the end of May, and we are using all resources available to guarantee the maximum number of jobs after that period. Whenever possible, we have adopted remote work for all those employees whose activities may be carried out remotely, in order to reduce the number of people in our offices, and thus contribute to impeding contagion by the new corona virus. We have expanded telemedicine services to our employees, consultants, representatives and franchisees, so that they can be readily assisted if ill, without having to go to a hospital or a doctor unnecessarily.

For our operational and distribution teams, who perform an essential work in our factories and distribution centers, we have reinforced hygiene and safety measures in transportation, shift changeovers, restaurants and other common areas, with appropriate social distancing and sanitary measures. We have also adopted flexible shifts and a 15-day rotation scheme, in order to permit the maximum number of people to stay at home. We have donated liquid soap and hand sanitizer to our employees, as well as adopting a triage system which involves taking temperature. Whenever an employee shows symptoms of COVID-19, he/she is tested. As for the co-workers in company-owned stores in cities where local authorities have not decreed the closure of trade, we have redoubled care to ensure the safety and well-being of employees and customers. It is worth mentioning that all employees whose activities demand their physical presence, but who are part of a risk group, have been told to stay home on paid leave. Mothers and fathers with children in the nursery (which is now temporarily closed) and who would need to be in the work place are also on paid leave.

We have also taken measures to improve the mental well being of our associates. We have conducted an Experience Survey with approx. 5 thousand workers in Latin America to listen to their needs during this period of social distancing. We developed a mental health plan, with discounts for online therapy. We made mindfulness and yoga sessions available online, besides adopting stricter guidelines for working hours and leisure time. Knowing the burden is often heavier for working mothers, we gave every mother at Natura &Co Latin America a day off as a Mother’s Day gift. We launched a campaign against domestic violence, #IsolatedNotAlone, and we reinforced our support channels for employees. We have also distributed an ergonomics “kit”, with office chairs and other objects, to make the experience of working from home safer. Additionally, we have established a daily communication channel with our workers, with a daily newsletter describing our efforts to protect our people and our business, as well as advises on safety and messages of encouragement from leaders and colleagues. 

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More information

For more information, please contact Mariana Bonafé, Communications Strategy Manager, marianabonafe@natura.net

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