Remote support to sustain social infrastructures under COVID-19 at Yokogawa Electric Co. Ltd.

To avoid the second pandemic wave and sustain societies, we must keep the social distance and secure the safe operations of critical infrastructures such as energy plants. It is, however, challenging to have enough human resources at physical sites due to the various limitations by COVID-19. Yokogawa are supporting the critical manufacturing plants by global remote service supports with the latest digital technologies so that they can sustain the 24/7 operations. Some examples are the following:

  1. Remote engineering on Cloud environment
  2. Global 24/7 Remote support
  3. Virtual reality field support tool

Yokogawa staff should follow the below operating principles in order to be ready to support the operations 24/7 for the society to sustain the critical infrastructures

1)      Maintain the social distance

2)      Maximum remote work with IT support

3)      Continue the high sanitary practices such as wearing mask, washing hands and keeping health condition well.

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More information

For more information, please contact Satoru Kurosu, Chief Sustainability Officer, Yokogawa Electric Co. Ltd.(

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