Sustainable landscapes

Agricultural lands occupy 40-50 percent of the world’s land surface and a further expansion of 10 percent is projected by 2050. Growing societal concern around the social, as well as the environmental impacts from agriculture, underscores the operational and reputational challenges facing the global agribusiness community and importance of wide uptake and promotion of sustainable and responsible land stewardship practices. Investor interest in how companies are addressing material risks related to land are growing: according to Ceres, of the 130 sustainability-focused resolutions filed with food companies since 2011 over a third are related to deforestation concerns. The objectives of this workstream are to strengthen member company capacity and in-house skills and knowledge on landscape restoration.


1. Published independent brief on shared a role in poverty alleviation and land stewardship between the mining and agribusiness sectors

2. Published independent brief on building productive and sustainable landscapes and livelihoods priorities underway

3. Case studies: Agribusiness partnerships for sustainable landscapes. Find case studies linked below:

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