The Path towards Nature Positive: Insights from Global Food Companies

As the 2023 UN Food System Stocktaking Moment begins in Rome, we wanted to capture a snapshot of how some of the most advanced food companies WWF and WBCSD work with see the Nature Positive agenda today. We wanted to understand what we can all learn from their years invested in tackling this complex issue and how they would advise those who are at the start of the journey. 

Read more about the how WBCSD & WWF have been collaborating under Conservation and Markets Initiative, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Nature Positive: How? Starting now

WWF and WBCSD recently spoke with representatives of key global food retail companies to learn from their experience on the frontlines of food sustainability. In this factsheet, we combined excerpts of these interviews, highlighting key insights that have emerged as our understanding of food sustainability has evolved and advanced.


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