WBCSD, in partnership with the World Green Buildings Council and leading companies from the building sector, has started an initiative to provide guidance for the companies in the building and construction value chain that will allow them to set “science-based targets”, i.e. targets that are in line with keeping global warming to below 2 degrees.

The challenge to be addressed is that some companies in the construction value chain need to consume more energy and produce more GHG emissions in their production process (embodied energy) if they want to manufacture energy efficiency products that will consume less energy during a building’s operation (operational energy). The use of their products directly enables GHG emissions to be avoided by a third party. This is not currently covered by any existing methodology and therefore a group of companies will look at how target settings of the different players of the value chain can be aligned and how a guidance could be developed for the sector that can contribute to the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi).