The Reporting Exchange

The Reporting Exchange is the most comprehensive source of information on sustainability reporting requirements and resources currently available.

It is a tool for people involved in preparing and delivering corporate sustainability, annual or integrated reports to help them navigate the often confusing world of corporate reporting.

The platform includes information on environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting requirements and resources from 60 countries. You will find everything from mandatory regulation to supporting guidance, voluntary standards and stock exchange listing requirements.

The Challenge

The reporting world is complex. Over the past 25 years, there has been more than a ten-fold increase in the number of corporate reporting requirements on ESG issues. While these developments are welcome, they’ve made the world of corporate reporting fragmented. Lack of coordination makes it frustrating, overwhelming and time-consuming for companies to keep up.

The Business Case

Understanding what, how and where to report sustainability information can be frustrating. Because there isn’t standard terminology for describing and defining the components of the reporting world - confusion and complexity continues to grow. The resulting variability in the quality, quantity and relevance of disclosures prevents investors and stakeholders from getting the information they need. 

The Business Solution

The Reporting Exchange is the global resource for sustainability reporting. It is a free, online platform that brings corporate sustainability reporting requirements and resources from 60 countries onto a single online platform for easy access. You’ll find guidance on what, where and how to report. Built around a collaborative model, it provides space for people to contribute and share insights, good practice, and learn from others. The platform is supported by a global community of experts who have contributed their knowledge and expertise.

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