How to finance the SDGs


US$5-7 trillion investments will be annually needed over the next fifteen years to achieve the SDG. Business is expected to deliver a substantial part to make this happen.These contributions of the private sector are still unclear in terms of investments and business opportunity. How to measure the private sector’s (SDG) impact and returns is still a major valuation and reporting challenge. 


To tackle typical SDG challenges such as exponential growth in population, urbanization, pollution or mobility business will need to develop new business models, products and services capable to address such exponential issues. Entire industries will be transformed and challenged, with non-linear solutions emerging around circular and shared assets. This will impact the financial sector: financing & investments models have to be adapted, so they can finance the billions of capital needed to achieve the SDG.


Support our work on SDG finance and Social Innovation Finance to develop economically robust business solutions with integrated finance that effectively address the relevant SDG. Design and apply new financing and insurance solutions, especially for our projects on agriculture, natural infrastructure and renewable energySteer your banking and investment activities towards the material SDG of your clients. Start to capture, value and disclose the positive SDG impact you have created through your transactions.

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