Published: Tue, Oct 23, 2018
Type: Publication


Sustainability reporting has come a long way since we started Reporting matters. During this time, we’ve seen companies take a more balanced approach to reporting and the evolution of reporting formats to better connect with audiences beyond traditional reporting stakeholders.

 Our main report continues to focus on our evaluation framework, good practice examples and interviews with members. This year, we go deeper and look in detail at the underlying processes and impact of reporters’ activities on three key issues – climate changewater and human rights – through a series of deep dive reports.

These deep dives focus on the evolving regulatory and reporting context and explore the underlying processes companies are adopting to address these three key issues, backed up by member case studies which show the links between reporting performance and impact.

In this Addendum Report:

  • Reporting context
  • State of human rights reporting
  • Total discusses human rights
  • Glossary and acknowledgements
  • About the research partners