Published: Tue, Oct 16, 2012
Type: Publication

In a perfectly aligned world, public policy-making would enable business to play as full a role as possible in conserving and sustainably managing ecosystems. It would capture insight from industry experience in the areas of target setting, resource allocation and fi nancing mechanisms to deliver a positive outcome for biodiversity and ecosystems. The WBCSD would like to help make this happen by working with business and policy-makers.

Picking up the Pace – Accelerating public policies for positive outcomes, the WBCSD’s latest ecosystems and biodiversity publication, builds on Effective biodiversity and ecosystem policy and regulation,1 a publication produced by the WBCSD for the 10th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Picking up the Pace aims to:

  • Provide constructive and practical input from business to support government efforts to deliver on the Aichitargets;
  • Positively infl uence the design and implementation of biodiversity and ecosystem policy to improve both itseffi ciency and effectiveness in delivering environmental outcomes;
  • Improve policy-makers’ awareness of the positive and negative business experiences of biodiversity and ecosystem policy and highlight lessons that can be learned from experiences to date;
  • Present a policy process framework that demonstrates how government and policy-makers can positively engage business in the policy-making process.

This publication was developed through a review of case studies on biodiversity and ecosystem policy implementation.

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