Integrated Performance Management

This project supports corporate efforts to integrate natural, social and human capital with mainstream performance management processes and practices. Our goal is to develop a framework, guidance and tools to implement multi-capital integrated performance management within businesses.

The challenge

Companies measure, monitor, manage and evaluate performance every day. Setting key performance indicators and targets to support objectives, budgeting and forecasting to allocate resources and plan. But the business landscape is changing.  Environmental and social risks account for four of the top five risks in terms of impact, and up to 80% of a company’s value is intangible (i.e. in research, innovation, know-how, relationships, entrepreneurial and managerial skills etc.). 

The business case

To stay ahead, companies should measure, monitor, manage and evaluate their impacts, dependencies, risks and opportunities across all capitals. Leading companies will practice integrated performance management.

The solution

We will develop an integrated performance management framework and associated guidance and tools to support implementation and help bring this process into the mainstream.

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Liaison Delegate Meeting 2019

1 - 4 April, 2019,
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Rodney Irwin

Managing Director, Redefining Value and Education

Mario Abela

Director, Redefining Value

Luke Blower

Associate, Redefining Value