Business Ecosystems Training (BET) program now available in Japanese

Published: 31 Jul 2012
Type: News

Geneva, 31 July 2012: The Japanese version of Business Ecosystems Training (BET) Module 1 is now available on WBCSD and Hitachi’s websites. This translation has been carried out by member company Hitachi, co-chair of the Ecosystems Focus Area, and supporter of the development and road-testing of BET as part of the BET Advisory Committee.

BET is designed to improve the understanding of managers and employees across business functions about their company’s direct and indirect impact and dependence on ecosystems and ecosystem services. Designed specifically for business, it incorporates WBCSD methodologies, materials and tools that have been developed over the course of 10 years, as well as material from other institutions.

“BET is effective education material for company employees. We are delighted to make the material available to all Japanese companies so that they can build awareness internally about the importance of ecosystems and biodiversity.” said Yoichi Takahashi, Deputy General Manager, Environmental Strategy Office, Hitachi, Ltd. “We hope the material will be used by a wide range of companies in Japan, along with the ESR and CEV methodologies that we have been translating so far”

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