Business Ecosystems Training (BET) – A perspective from the Future Leaders Team

New material designed to help training practitioners customize Business Ecosystems Training (BET) program now available on WBCSD website

Published: 4 Sep 2012
Type: News

Geneva, 4 September 2012: A group of nine business executives has developed a Customization Framework for BET, as part of the WBCSD Future Leaders Team (FLT) program. Customizing the BET training material to a specific audience (sector, region etc.) can add value and is key to making the program a success.

The Framework aims to provide guidance to the BET practitioners on the sections of the training that should be customized, and includes tips and customization examples. Customized versions of BET Executive Overview presentations for China, Korea, Thailand and for the mining sector are also available for download from the WBCSD website, and are helpful complementary material that practitioners can leverage.

“When presenting the business case for looking at ecosystems to their colleagues, the group of business executives participating in the Future Leaders Team (FLT) program realized that tailoring the BET material was really critical to the success of the training” says Suzanne Feinmann, FLT Project Manager at WBCSD. “They have thus decided to collectively work on how the BET material could be customized, and have come up with additional supporting documents that aim to further help BET practitioners to adapt the material to the audience needs. We hope practitioners will find these documents useful.” 

About Business Ecosystems Training (BET)

BET is a capacity building program designed to improve the understanding of managers and employees across business functions about their company’s direct and indirect impact and dependence on ecosystems and ecosystem services. Designed specifically for business, it incorporates WBCSD methodologies, materials and tools that have been developed over the course of 10 years, as well as material from other institutions.

About the WBCSD’s Future Leaders Team (FLT)

The WBCSD Future Leaders Team (FLT) program is designed to enable future business leaders to become effective ambassadors for sustainable development through experiential learning, knowledge creation and building networks and skills. The 2012 FLT program is focusing on opportunities and challenges associated with business, biodiversity and ecosystems.

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