Inspiring Sustainable Lifestyles

This marketing-focused workstream is helping brands inspire and engage people in sustainable lifestyles by uncovering how brands can bring aspirations in line with more sustainable living.

Our current vision of “the good life”—the lives that people aspire to— is the product of 75 years of successful marketing. Brands have the power update this vision.

We need a new vision of the good life—smarter, healthier, cleaner—that brands will use to guide their interactions with customers, presenting aspirations that are in line with sustainable living.

The Challenge

Around the world, middle-class lifestyles have similar footprints, driven by aspirations: a bigger dwelling, personal mobility, appliances, richer diets. Business has solutions—smarter homes, multi-modal mobility, renewable energy—but societal aspiration is at odds with many of these.

The Business Case

We must re-establish the cues for what aspirational middle-class lifestyles look like, matching business solutions and changes in aspiration that together make more sustainable living possible. Companies investing in products and services that support more sustainable lifestyles have an interest in developing new inspiring cultural codes, imagery and narratives.

The Business Solution

What if we could present an aspirational good life that was actually better for us, our families and the communities we live in? We believe that we can, and that brands have the power to create a vision of both a present and a future that is more in line with living life well.

We are creating a new vision of the good life—smarter, healthier, cleaner. Together with Havas, we have developed a "Playbook", which provides brand marketers with a strategic guide to the narrative and imagery they can present to reframe the good life, inspiring customers to live a life that is both more rewarding as well as in line with more sustainable living.

Brands can use the playbook to fuel a shift in aspiration, reinforcing and growing the markets and demand for products and services that make sustainable living possible. You can learn more about the Playbook here.

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