below50 is a global campaign that brings together companies and organizations who commit to growing the global market for the world’s most sustainable fuels. We connect the entire value-chain for sustainable fuels that produce at least 50% less CO2 emissions than conventional fossil fuels. Our goal is to create the demand and market for these fuels to scale up their deployment.

Who we are

below50 is the global, unified voice of business in support for sustainable fuels that produce at least 50% less CO2 emissions than conventional fossil fuels. Our vision is to grow the global market for the world’s most sustainable fuels and achieve a carbon neutral transport sector.  


below50 aims to create demand for sustainable fuels, scale up deployment and increase the number of companies choosing below50 fuels by:

  • Creating intersectoral B2B opportunities across supply chains
  • Engaging with investors and financiers to map investment barriers and develop derisking mechanisms
  • Addressing legislative and financial barriers to sourcing below50 fuels


We advocate for below50 fuels by:

  • Developing clear messages for policymakers
  • Participating in regional dialogues to establish long-term targets, incentives and policy frameworks
  • Promoting public-private partnerships and joint initiatives
  • Publishing an annual report on progress, policy recommendations, pilot projects and best practices


The below50 hubs allow companies to engage with the below50 global campaign at the local level. Each hub works on solutions tailored for their nation - including policy, awareness raising and financing. Every hub is led by a below50 partner and welcomes companies with an interest in low-carbon fuel markets.


Partner: Queensland Renewable Fuels Association

Aim: Support Australian partners in their efforts to grow the Australian bio-economy by growing the demand for below50 fuels from transportation intensive industries, including agriculture, aviation, construction, mining, road freight and shipping.

Motivation: The Government of Queensland is actively growing its bio-economy. With its biomass resource base, strong agricultural sector and highly motivated private sector partners, below50 Australia has a unique opportunity to rapidly scale-up the production, use and export of below50 fuels.

Current focus areas:

  • Collaborating with local stakeholders including the Queensland Renewable Fuels Association (QRFA) and the Queensland Government to build below50 opportunities in Australia.
  • Recruit corporate fuel buyers to commit to purchasing below50 fuels. There is strong interest in renewable diesel from construction, mining and road freight, renewable shipping fuels with ports and petroleum fuel providers and renewable jet from domestic and international airlines.

Contact: Larissa Rose –


Aim: To grow the marketplace for low-carbon fuels in Europe, engage with policymakers and raise the profile of below50.

Motivation: The number of companies with operations in Europe, the diversity of national and regional industry bodies, the intense economic activity and the population’s need for low-carbon transport solutions make Europe a key area for below50.

With WBCSD’s office centrally located in Geneva, below50 Europe is well-placed to access and interact with low-carbon fuels industry players across Europe.

Current focus areas:

  • Engaging with policymakers on low-carbon fuels
  • Scoping of a global B2B marketplace for low-carbon fuels
  • Development of corporate procurement guidelines for low-carbon fuels

Contact: Damiana Serafini –

United States of America

Partner: Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO)

Aim: To grow the marketplace for low-carbon fuels in the USA and increase awareness of below50.

Motivation: the USA has great potential for creating a booming bio-economy underpinned by low-carbon fuels. However, political uncertainty and consumer resistance in the region is slowing the growth of the sector.

Despite strong private sector leadership in the biobased economy, uptake of below50 fuels has been largely policy driven, particularly in the State of California. As such, there is a real need to connect corporate fuel buyers directly to fuel producers to increase the demand for below50 fuels and recruit the investment necessary to realize the nation’s bio-economy potential.

Current focus areas:

  • Engagement with the investment/financiers community in low-carbon fuels
  • Creation of a B2B marketplace for low-carbon fuels

Contact: Stephanie Batchelor –


Partner: The Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development

Aim: To grow the marketplace for low-carbon fuels in Brazil.

Motivation: There is much to be learned from the success of the bio-economy in Brazil and its positive impact on the economy and on the use of renewable fuels. This hub sees an opportunity to expand across the region, and to spread success, share knowledge and build momentum and impact for the low-carbon fuels sector.

Current focus areas: 

  • Engage with policy makers on matters related to low-carbon fuels
  • Support the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the BioFuture Platform event

Contact: Henrique Luz –


below50 has brought together a group of core and strategic partners who are placed in key positions to grow the market for low-carbon fuels and help below50 achieve its ambition.


As a member of below50, you can be part of a game-changing global movement working to limit global warming to 2°C. Network at our events and Regional Hubs, access early business opportunities for sustainable fuel supply chains, and enhance your profile with the below50 brand. 

If your company invests in, uses or helps to produce fuels that reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50% relative to conventional fossil fuels, you belong in below50. 

There is no cost to join. Here’s how to get started: 

Select your role in the below50 fuels market and fill in the questionnaire linked below, commit to below50’s principles and share examples of your success. 

Once your application is submitted, it will be assessed against the below50 joining criteria. If you meet our commitment requirements, you will be contacted shortly.