The challenge

    Mobility, energy and real estate sectors have traditionally worked in silos. This approach cannot support the speed required for the transition to electric mobility and it discards potential for shared value creation. To unlock shared value, we need to ask the following questions: how can electric, connected fleets accelerate the creation of economically viable charging infrastructure; how can mobility hubs and urban infrastructure help improve the usability of and access to electrified mobility services; and how can energy companies leverage digitalization to enable efficient fleet management in the urban environment? ​

    The business case

    To create a new smart ecosystem, with a smart charging infrastructure, renewable energy, efficient fleet management and optimized space use, collaboration and data sharing across sectors is crucial. Due to its scale, fleet adoption is an ideal candidate to test benefits of collaboration. WBCSD is defining a value case and establishing partnerships to enable, validate and scale electrification. Companies will gain greater visibility across the electric vehicle (EV) value chain and understand how to maximize the benefits that the transition to electric mobility offers.

    The solution

    WBCSD has developed an EV fleet adoption guide using typical corporate EV use cases such as company vehicles used by employees, shared company cars or last mile delivery. For each of these cases, there is a corresponding “how-to-guide” that can support companies as they move to adopt electric vehicles. In this way, the Emobility workstream offers tools and opportunities for knowledge-sharing and collaboration that will pave the way for sustainable development and enable businesses to capture value across their operations.

    Our next step is to create a framework that unlocks economic and social value at the intersection of mobility, real estate and energy sectors. This value case will help define business models that can deliver decarbonization of mobility at scale.

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