The international business travel guide

Published: 16 Jul 2021
Type: Publication

A guide to seriously reduce your international business' travel emissions

Flying has a significant impact on the environment, climate and health of people living in the vicinity of airports. Business air travel, in particular, is a major source of CO2 emissions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, companies continued doing business internationally without flying, and now they are reevaluating their travel policies for the future.

In the International business travel guide, the Anders Reizen coalition, in collaboration with Natuur & Milieu and the Climate Neutral Group, describes a step-by-step plan that employers can follow to develop a responsible flight policy. This means mapping out the CO2 reduction potential, drawing up CO2 targets and indicators to monitor progress and recording the new travel agreements in the policy. The guide also provides examples of what employers can do to make employees more aware of their travel behavior and choices. For example, they can create a CO2 footprint per employee or reward sustainable travel.

This guide helps companies make their business operations more sustainable. WBCSD member company Arcadis took part in developing this guide as a member of the Anders Reizen coalition. Arcadis also makes its employees’ mobility healthier and more sustainable through WBCSD’s Commuting Behavior Change project.

Download the guide here.

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