Transport accounts for 23% of global CO2 emissions, and it is imperative that we adopt cleaner forms of transport both to improve our air quality and our quality of life around the world. In this project, WBCSD aims to develop support and guidance for businesses that will accelerate the deployment of electric vehicles. ​

    The challenge

    By 2030 there will be a 41% increase in motorized mobility. Carbon dioxide emissions are set to increase 60% by 2050, and 80% of cities are already struggling to maintain air quality standards. Attempts to address these challenges have resulted in stricter regulations for companies regarding their emissions, and cities are increasingly limiting vehicle access during peak times and introducing low-emission zones.

    The business case

    Adopting Emobility solutions helps reduce emissions while increasing revenue opportunities for commercial customers and improving health benefits to citizens. Many solutions relating to Emobility require a collaborative approach. WBCSD aims to establish partnerships to enable, test, validate and scale electrification. Companies will gain greater visibility across the electric vehicle (EV) value chain and understand how to maximize the benefits that electric mobility offers them.

    The solution

    WBCSD has developed an engagement platform using typical corporate EV use cases. For each of these cases, there is a corresponding “how-to-guide” that can support companies as they move to adopt electric vehicles. In this way, the Emobility workstream offers tools and opportunities for knowledge-sharing and collaboration that will pave the way for sustainable development and enable businesses to capture value across their operations.

    In addition, successfully scaling electric mobility around the world requires an understanding of local contexts. This workstream takes a regional deep-dive to work with companies across the Indian Emobility system, with the goal of accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

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