Corporate Mobility Pact

Urban mobility is undergoing a massive transformation driven by technology and culture change. Citizens and governments are asking for cleaner and more efficient options to fulfill their mobility needs, while protecting the planet. The Corporate Mobility Pact catalyzes business leadership to implement mobility-related actions with the ambition to actively improve and transform mobility in cities across the world.

    The challenge

    Among the many challenges that cities are facing, air pollution is one of growing importance. 95% of cities exceed WHO air quality standards. According to the TomTom traffic index, more than half of the world’s cities are experiencing a growth in traffic flows. However, the existing public transport systems in many cities are still underutilized.

    The business case

    People spend a considerable amount of time commuting between home and work. Congestion caused by these commuter flows have detrimental effects on individuals, enterprises and the environment. No city, institution or company can tackle these challenges alone. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders to work together to ensure mobility is sustainable in cities. As large employers, companies have the potential to significantly impact the system by taking mobility-related actions that impact their employees, suppliers and visitors.

    The solution

    The Corporate Mobility Pact is a mechanism used to catalyze corporate leadership and strengthen public-private collaboration around mobility action in cities. In accordance with the fundamental principles of collaboration, commitment, transparency and security, the signatories will implement a set of mobility-related actions that will help the cities transition to a safer, accessible, greener and more efficient mobility system

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