Sydney Light Railway, Australia – ACCIONA

Sydney Light Railway is a new sustainable and safe transport alternative that meets the needs of the city's growing population. This tram network, which was one of the central initiatives of the city’s long-term transport plan, is a vital element in helping to alleviate traffic congestion, as well as connecting sports, leisure and health centers with the Central Business District and Circular Quay.

The project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 663,000 tons in the next 30 years, generate an estimated AUD 4 billion in economic activity and create 10,000 jobs.

The trams have been designed with the passengers' experience in mind to reach maximum potential use. The interior of the trams offers quality comfort, including double doors to improve access, large windows, multi-purpose areas and LED lighting.

Energy Efficiency by innovation: the trams are equipped with permanent magnet motors, improving traction and reducing energy consumption. A regenerative braking system (HESOP) is included, which makes it possible to recover more than 99% of the energy produced during braking and reuse it in auxiliary equipment, lighting and ventilation or feed into the electricity grid. Each train, made up of two coupled trams, is 67 meters long, making it one of the longest in the world.

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