Mobility Hub, Amsterdam – Arcadis

Arcadis is developing a new city district, designed with an emphasis on pedestrianized streets, cycling, electric public transport and emission-free cars. The ”mobility hub”, designed to optimize access to and connection between different transport modes, will be built upon the principles of being a zero-emission and energy supplying living area. This new city district in Amsterdam is being developed to hold 8,000 homes and offer 120,000 m² of space for commercial and social purposes, as well as six hectares of green space for recreation. Additionally, 60-80% of the streets in the district will be assigned as car-free and every street will offer affordable, sustainable mobility options, such as e-bikes, which will serve to foster social cohesion in the community. In the development of this project, expert analysis was carried out to assess which urban design contributes to creating optimal social and community conditions. The hub will serve as a pilot project, to be completed in 2024. It will then be used as a model and scaled up to create a network of mobility hubs across various city districts in Amsterdam. 

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