7 Square Endeavour, Rotterdam – Arcadis

The 7 Square Endeavour project aims to create a resilient square that is climate-adaptive, future-proof and creates an enjoyable living space. 7 Square Endeavour acts upon matters of global urbanization and its negative impacts, such as pollution, heat stress and enhanced flood and drought risk. The Square in Rotterdam aims to become climate and carbon-neutral by 2030. As part of this ambition, Arcadis will create a ‘living roof’ atop the theatre and concert hall building, generating clean energy (through solar panels) and promoting sustainable water use. A water plan has been developed to smartly handle both water excess and shortages that are likely to occur as a result of climate change. This living roof will improve water retention and reduce the urban heat island effect. The project includes the development of an innovative underground rainwater storage structure. This storage system functions as an underground buffer to retain excessive water and supply it in times of drought. Additionally, the buffer will function to partially supply the demand of the surrounding buildings. Through a pipeline system, the water bulb will primarily serve to supply the green roofs to maintain the vegetation.

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