50L Home – WBCSD, WEF, 2030 Water Resources Group

The water crisis is an increasing global risk, with 14 of the world’s 20 megacities experiencing water scarcity or drought conditions. With the current average water use per day being as high as 500 liters per person in some cities, a key action toward tackling the looming water crisis would be to reduce consumption and facilitate circular economy solutions in water use.  

The 50L Home Coalition brings together companies, policymakers and communities to develop and scale innovations for homes that will help solve the urban water crisis. It is a public-private initiative, convened by WBCSD, World Economic Forum (WEF) and 2030 Water Resources Group that aims to reform domestic urban water management via localized collaborative partnerships connected through a global community of practice.  

50L Home aims to reduce water and energy consumption and CO2 emissions through innovations in waterless and water-efficient products, reuse systems and experience platforms. As water use in the home accounts for around 16% of household energy consumption, there is an opportunity to reduce GHG emissions and consumer energy bills alongside conserving water supplies.

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