2020 Climate Commitments – Trane Technology

Trane Technologies has taken many different steps to improve the sustainability of their products and services across their properties. This has focused around two sustainability principles: reducing natural resource use (both on-site and in relation to electricity consumption on their properties), and reducing overall emissions footprint. The company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of global operations by 35%, against a 2013 baseline, by or before 2020. By January 2020, they achieved a 51% reduction of their operational footprint, as well as a ~5% year to year reduction in their absolute emissions. A significant portion of this was achieved by their focus on system-level, whole-building energy efficiency. 

Trane has vastly improved the energy efficiency of their operations by investing in both on-site and off-site renewable energy generation. This has included upgrading storage tanks and lines, and improving the handling and equipment testing practices. 

Trane has dedicated significant capital across its enterprise to focus specifically on improving energy productivity. These improvements come in the form of enhancing building envelope processes, lighting upgrades with controls, further weatherization, coupled with passive cooling techniques (such as solar heat-reflecting paint on the roof of their Tyler TX manufacturing plant). Several properties have also had thermal energy storage systems installed to manage the demand of peak hours. Trane invested in on-site solar PV panels at three of their manufacturing locations, each accounting for about 15% of electricity demand at their respective sites. They also leveraged their own Energy Supply Service to invest in new wind-power generation, which was brought into operation in 2016. As of January 2020, 33% of Trane’s energy needs were met by renewable sources.

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