Cities and Mobility

By 2030, an estimated 70% of the global population will live in cities, driving 80% of total energy demand and 70% of global GHG emissions. The business opportunities for positive development in this area are compelling.

This pathway will help us build better, smarter cities - where every individual has access to life changing technology, delivering health care, education and connectivity. We're finding ways to build Zero Emission Cities (ZEC), circular economies and maximize energy efficient infrastructure. We’re helping cities around the world to improve their sustainable mobility and transport with our leading indicator set and tools.

Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs lie at the heart of what we do. Even though your business may not be focusing on any specific SDG target, by putting effort into the business solutions that are aligned with your business strategy, and that have the greatest meaning and impact potential for your business, you are effectively contributing to the SDGs.

Business solutions related to the Cities and Mobility pathway contribute to the following SDGs.