The WBCSD Global Network brings value on three main levels:

Enhancing the WBCSD’s global outreach

The Global Network strengthens WBCSD’s legitimacy as a truly global organization. By disseminating messages to a wide range of players, the Global Network supports global advocacy efforts and helps to position the WBCSD as a preferred partner for governments and international organizations. Importantly, the partners add breadth to the Council’s work program by providing local and regional perspectives, validating results, disseminating information and implementing pilot projects.

Fostering synergies with WBCSD member companies

The Global Network adds value to WBCSD member companies themselves, mostly multinationals with global operations. Through their advocacy activities, partner organizations contribute to securing the business license to operate, innovate and grow in their respective countries and regions. They provide an additional channel for implementing local and tangible sustainability initiatives and for reaching out to business leaders and opinion shapers. They also play an important role in addressing supply chain issues and connecting WBCSD members with small and medium enterprises. As a consequence, a growing number of WBCSD members are now part of both the global and local organizations.         

Strengthening Global Network partners’ local and regional activities

As many Global Network partners share similar socio-economic and cultural characteristics, hence similar sustainability challenges, they benefit from cooperating with each other. This mutual exchange enables them to gain firsthand experiences from their peers, discuss challenges and find joint solutions. 
Through WBCSD, Global Network partners can connect with leading global corporations and benefit from cutting-edge thinking and best practices on sustainability management. They also gain access to key global players and platforms concerned with business and sustainable development. Moreover, the Global Network enables partners to enrich their own work activities by participating in WBCSD’s “learning by sharing” opportunities, tools, and capacity building material. 

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