De Groene Zaak

Managing Director
Marjolein Demmers

Background information

De Groene Zaak is a platform consisting of successful companies that know how to make a sustainable business model profitable. Our small-, medium-large- and large member-companies all actively make their own contributions towards achieving the objectives of De Groene Zaak.
De Groene Zaak encompasses all industries and is not allied to existing business- or umbrella organisations. This means that we can maintain independent viewpoints with respect to numerous current economic issues. As per issue, we subsequently determine the most effective approach by which to achieve sustainability. 

Main activities
De Groene Zaak is a decisive business platform that has a clear objective in mind, this being the acceleration of the process of making our current economic order sustainable. We do this by vigorously lobbying for a more favourablebusiness- and financing climate to benefit the world of sustainable business, by giving leaders in innovation a strong voice in social debates, by advising authorities and placing sustainability objectives on the public agenda, and by organizing high-profile congresses and facilitating a knowledge network.