Yanni Paniaras

General Manager

Konstantinos Konstantinou

Background information

Founded by SEV and 31 companies members of SEV


  1. To study, analyze and promote the principles of sustainable development;
  2. To support their evolution and application, in the context of the Economy, the Environment and in general the Social reality;
  3. To actively contribute to the understanding and promotion of the notion of sustainable development by the companies members of SEV and help them introduce it in their business planning and daily activities of their personnel.


1. Organized at the Athens Music Hall an event on 26 November 2008 with Sir Nicholas Stern as keynote speaker on the subject: "Sustainable Development and Climate change";

2. Organized in 2009 the following activities/ events:
- Report on "Best Practices on Sustainable Development", applied by member companies (May 2009);
- Seminar on "Sustainable Development addressed to Small and Medium enterprises". (June 2009);
- The Athens International Symposium, on "Sustainable Development and Water: A Global Challenge for Local Action" (October 2009);

3. In 2010, organized the following activities / events:
- Workshop among member companies inspired by Vision 2050 with the title "Strategic Workshop for Sustainable Development: Formulating our own Pathway" (October 2010).
- Symposium on "Energy Efficient Buildings: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development" (December 2010).

4. In 2011, organized the event entitled "Prospects for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Greece: At what cost?",  in order to present the findings of a study conducted in collaboration with McKinsey and Co. on the GHG Abatement Cost Curve for Greece