Road Freight Lab

Company experiences suggest that there are significant emissions reductions opportunities beyond alternative fuels and improvements in engine efficiency. Our Road Freight Lab explores the untapped and unmapped potential for emissions reduction, through optimization and collaboration between road freight transport companies. The group is raising awareness of the potential and helping other companies deploy these types of solutions.

The Challenge

Meeting the climate challenge requires almost a total decarbonization of the transport sector before 2100. This translates to a 48% decrease in absolute emissions from freight by 2050, based on 2010 levels. At the same time, demand for freight transport is predicted to quadruple by 2050.

The Business Case

As companies experience increased pressure to reduce their emissions while supporting a growing global economy, innovative solutions will need to be deployed across all transport operations. The solutions we are developing allow for emissions reductions through greater asset efficiency and use rates, while keeping the overall costs of action down.

The Business Solution

Current work on emissions reduction potential shows that the opportunity is massive and untapped. Our challenge is to design a solution that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to access this opportunity. Creating an information and communications technology (ICT) platform that allows data and asset sharing between companies is central to the solution. In addition, we will outline replicable business models for this type of collaboration.

In the second phase, we will bring together companies, government and customers in two locations, in order to demonstrate the ideas that have been developed. Each demonstration project will pair two cities to show both inter- and intra-city road freight solutions.

This first-of-a-kind collaboration will help raise awareness among policy-makers of the potential of these solutions.