Future of mobility

We're developing a global business roadmap to decarbonize transport, in line with the goal of keeping the world below a 2°C rise in temperature. We already know which solutions need to be deployed at speed and scale. However, actions and initiatives around the world need to be coordinated. Our roadmap aims to provide a platform for business to collaborate across sectors, with policy-makers and through public-private partnerships, to make the transport system more sustainable.

The Challenge

Transport accounts for 27% of total global energy use and contributes 20% of energy- and process-related CO2 emissions. The challenge of decarbonizing transport is massive: 90% of the sector is dependent on oil and it is predicted that transport demand will increase by 75% by 2050. 

The Business Case

Effective and efficient transport is a cornerstone of our economies. As recognition of the sector's impact on climate change grows, regulators are increasingly putting in place policies to reduce emissions from freight and passenger transport. Successful businesses are anticipating these trends and leading the transformation to a low-carbon transport system.

The Business Solution

We believe that to be effective, our solutions must include all modes of transport and cut across the main mitigation levers.
Our portfolio of solutions and our partnerships are growing steadily, ensuring an effective response from business to decarbonizing transport. Our key solutions today are:
Below50: a global collaboration dedicated to scaling-up the development and deployment of sustainable fuels. Our portfolio of technologies ensures CO2 reductions of at least 50% compared to traditional fossil fuels.
Road Freight Lab: we are improving accessibility to cutting-edge fleet optimization tools for small and medium-sized enterprises; co-optimizing multiple fleet movements; and sharing assets such as distribution centers and trucks through a common information and communications technology (ICT) platform.

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