Climate & Energy

Combating climate change and transforming the energy system are core challenges on the path to a sustainable future for business, society and the environment. The Paris Agreement has sent a decisive and global signal that the start of the transition to a thriving, clean economy is inevitable, irreversible and irresistible.

Our Climate & Energy Cluster facilitates interaction on cutting-edge climate and energy topics between WBCSD members, their peers and stakeholders as they address critical industry issues and share best practices and solutions.

How we are meeting the challenge

Through Action2020 and the Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi), we focus on concrete and scalable business actions. Each solution area contributes to the science-based societal goal of limiting global temperature rise to between 1.5 - 2°C above pre-industrial levels.


Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative

With a solid framework and clear agenda, LCTPi is a unique, action-oriented program that brings together companies and partners to accelerate the development of low-carbon technology solutions to stay below the 2°C ceiling.


below50 is a global collaboration that brings together the entire value chain for sustainable fuels – that is, fuels that produce at least 50% less CO2 emissions than conventional fossil fuels.

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Impact on Sustainable Development Goals

We can only deliver on the Paris Agreement and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by taking radical action on climate change. Our Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi) aims for a collaborative approach to Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. 


Maria Mendiluce

Managing Director

Rasmus Valanko

Director, Climate & Energy

Alema Bibi

Manager, Climate & Energy

Damiana Serafini

Manager, Transport

Germain Augsburger

Manager, Renewable Energy

Jasmeet Khurana

Manager, REmobility

Karl Vella

Manager, Climate Policy

Mariana Heinrich

Manager, Climate & Energy

Tanya Strevens

Manager, Transport

Byeronie Epstein

Associate, Transport

Rui Filipe Marques

Associate, Climate & Energy

Vaibhaw Kholia

Associate, Renewables

Veronika Neumeier

Associate, Climate Policy