Solutions Lab for the Circular Economy

The private sector has started its transition to a more circular economy. Although individual companies are each in different stages of this transformation, most are in the early stages. Companies need to know how to participate in the circular economy, how to make the business case for specific circular strategies, how to address policy barriers, and how to justify the environmental benefits of their circular products, among others. Our objective is to listen to those trying to close the loop within their organization and give them the tools to do it more efficiently.

The Challenge

When considering a circular economy implementation, companies can anticipate significant challenges, including economic factors, data quality and availability, regulations, and social dimensions.

  • Economic: Volatile commodity and import prices, inconsistent supply and demand quantities, lack of demonstrated business case
  • Regulatory: Definitions and end-of-life criteria for waste, classification of hazardous materials, transportation across borders
  • Data & Technical: Information access, quality control standards, contamination of secondary material streams
  • Social: consumer perception of secondary materials, fair and sustainable working conditions, establishing trust in new relationships

The Business Case

The Business Solution

* 5a) Text: We are continuously speaking with member companies about their challenges in implementing circular strategies within their organizations. Demonstrating a range of experience in the circular economy, company concerns range from how do I engage in the circular economy to how do I evaluate the environmental impact of a circular business model. We are developing multiple resources for companies to use in their transition to a more regenerative business, including:

  • Marketplace Hub for CE professionals to identify local secondary material exchanges
  • Report on the Contribution of the Informal Plastic Recycling Sector to the Circular Economy & the SDGs
  • Global Policy Barriers and Enablers to Secondary Material Reuse
  • Business Case for the Circular Economy
  • Business Guide to the Circular Economy