Published: 11 Apr 2014
Type: Publication

"Eco4Biz - Ecosystem services and biodiversity tools to support business decision-making" is a structured overview of existing tools and approaches.

Eco4Biz features a decision tree, composed of two questions corporate managers might ask themselves:

  • At what scale would you like to carry out an assessment, i.e. global, landscape (including individual site and portfolio of sites), or product level?
  • What outputs would best support your decision-making, e.g. a map (including supporting reports), a quantitative value, or a score showing priority areas?

Tools are identified as primarily focusing on either ecosystem services (such as provisioning, regulating and cultural services), or biodiversity. The toolkit will be updated on a regular basis to keep pace with developments as more companies proactively measure, manage and mitigate their impact and dependence on nature.

We strongly encourage companies to explore these tools and others that can help them better incorporate nature into business decision-making.

Use Eco4Biz now! 

Eco4Biz comes in both interactive and print versions, available in high and low resolution. 

We suggest you use the interactive PDF version of Eco4Biz: you will be able to navigate through the decision-tree and get straight to the tool that interests you most more effectively.

Read the Press Release

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